Our company is a high volume NdFeB magnet manufacturer invested by Taiwan & China joint-stock. It has land space of 50.000 square meters and building area of 30.000 square meters. Teslar has numerous specialists and senior technological talents dealing with rare earth permanent magnet technology , utilizes world class manufacturing process. production machines , and test instruments , and set up rare earth magnet material Engineering and Technical Development Research Center.
      Our factory production capacity is 300 TONS of bonded NdFeB magnets per year and 2000 TONS of sintered NdFeB magnets per year . Our company attained certification of domestic and ISO 9002 Quality and Assurance System in 1998 . and attained Japan Sumitomo patent of sintered NdFeB magnet in 2001 . Wewish to serve customers all over the world by a stringent quality system .